How to check MAUTECH result | student login portal

How to check MAUTECH result | student login portal  Are you a student of MAUTECH and want to check your result? MAUTECH result checking portal is what I will discuss here and How to check your results.

MAUTECH SRMS student portal is where you can successfully check for your semester result, payment of tuition fees acomodation and course registration as well.


How to check MAUTECH result ( Semester result checker)

  1. Visit this link
  2. Provide your ID number (matric number) and password in the field marked username and password
  3. Click on log in and wait for some second.
  4. A dashboard containing your results will show.
  5. Click on view results and your results will be available for you


If you are having challenges on checking The results then let’s know where exactly you finding difficult.

How to recover your password if you forgot

However, sometimes you may forget your password in this click on forgot password and provide your ID number in field that show up, a link will be sent to your email address to reset your Password. The link expires after 24 hours.


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