25 Most Common Jobs in America


25 Most Common Jobs in America

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Here is a list of the most common jobs in America that you can apply for:


1. Cashier


National average salary: $10.84 per hour


Primary duties: A cashier works in a retail environment and processes transactions for a customer’s purchase. Cashiers assist customers in finding products they’re searching for and bag grocery items for customers.


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2. Food preparation worker


National average salary: $11.38 per hour


Primary duties: A food preparation worker cleans the kitchen area at restaurants. They weigh, measure and cut ingredients required for meals on the restaurant’s menu. Food preparation workers monitor the temperature of food storage areas and restock the restaurant’s salad bar.


3. Janitor


National average salary: $11.60 per hour


Primary duties: A janitor cleans the space they’re working in such as a bathroom or hallway. They lock doors, take out garbage and recycling and make repairs to toilets and appliances.


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4. Bartender


National average salary: $11.64 per hour


Primary duties: A bartender creates and serves alcoholic drinks to patrons at a bar or a restaurant. They talk to customers, understand what drinks they like and restock bar items.


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5. Server


National average salary: $11.72 per hour


Primary duties: A server, also known as a waiter or a waitress, writes down food and drink orders. They give the customers’ orders to the chef. They serve meals to customers, and they answer additional questions that customers may have for them. Servers clean eating areas once a customer leaves the restaurant.


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6. Retail sales associate


National average salary: $12.17 per hour


Primary duties: A retail sales associate sells customers products and services. They address questions brought up by customers, communicate current promotions and suggest solutions for problems customers face.


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7. Stocking associate


National average salary: $12.72 per hour


Primary duties: A stocking associate, or stock clerk, unpacks merchandise once it arrives at the warehouse. They check the merchandise for accurate labeling and any damage during shipping. They make updates to inventory records to see if the warehouse needs more units of a product.


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8. Laborer


National average salary: $13.13 per hour


Primary duties: A laborer works at a construction site and finds efficient ways for completing physical tasks. They assist with cleaning and moving debris and help load and unload materials. They review construction plans to find practical ways to finish tasks.


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9. Customer service representative


National average salary: $13.41 per hour


Primary duties: A customer service representative talks to customers and provides them with information on their company’s products and services. They authorize purchases, address complaints and process returns of products.


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10. Office clerk


National average salary: $13.84 per hour


Primary duties: An office clerk assists an organization by performing a variety of clerical functions. They answer phone calls, sort through mail and file confidential records. They compile reports for management, greet visitors and prepare bills for payment.


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11. Administrative assistant


National average salary: $14.82 per hour


Primary duties: Administrative assistants oversee the management of executives’ calendars and travel arrangements. They create presentations based on industry research and order office supplies for employees.


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12. Line supervisor


National average salary: $15.08 per hour


Primary duties: A line supervisor, formally known as a “first-line supervisor,” gives direction to manufacturing employees to aid them in producing goods. Supervisors oversee the execution of the production process set forth by project managers and engineers.


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13. Medical assistant


National average salary: $15.36 per hour


Primary duties: A medical assistant schedules appointments for patients and greets them once they arrive at a medical facility. They draw blood, give vaccines if a patient is due for one and provide instructions to patients about medical procedures they’re having.


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14. Construction worker


National average salary: $15.55 per hour


Primary duties: A construction worker tests equipment and operates machinery used at a construction site. They move supplies to different sites and may cut materials to meet the specifications for their projects.


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15. Bookkeeper


National average salary: $17.97 per hour


Primary duties: A bookkeeper records a company’s expenses and income and sends invoices to customers for payment. They use accounting software to help build reports and identify an organization’s financial status.


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16. Mechanic


National average salary: $20.27 per hour


Primary duties: A mechanic uses auto parts tools like oil filter wrenches, spark plugs and tire pressure gauges to check the condition of a vehicle. They speak to customers about the cost of repairs and make repairs on engines, transmissions and air conditioning units.


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17. Carpenter


National average salary: $21.67 per hour


Primary duties: A carpenter builds and repairs building structures, and they select materials for the structure they are building. They use tools to install a building’s framework or appliances like tubs, showers and kitchen cabinets.


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18. Electrician


National average salary: $26.45 per hour


Primary duties: An electrician maintains and fixes electrical wiring within a building and uses blueprints to install new wiring. They connect wires to circuit breakers and troubleshoot problems with the equipment they’re using for repairs.


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19. Registered nurse


National average salary: $33.37 per hour


Primary duties: A registered nurse coordinates with doctors to treat patients. They perform physical exams, review the patient’s symptoms and conduct tests based on their symptoms. They discuss a patient’s diagnosis and give emotional support when necessary.


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20. Marketing specialist


National average salary: $51,694 per year


Primary duties: A marketing specialist develops a company’s marketing campaigns by managing their social media accounts and website. Specialists work with the company’s sales staff to align sales and promotional campaigns and research competition within their company’s market.


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21. Police officer


National average salary: $53,039 per year


Primary duties: A police officer responds to and investigates emergency events within their community. They gather evidence and make arrests. They communicate with eyewitnesses and question potential suspects to make sure their testimonies match with the evidence.


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22. Truck Driver


National average salary: $59,916 per year


Primary duties: A truck driver transports products to retail and distribution locations in their area. They keep a log of their travel time and hold themselves accountable for meeting deadlines on shipments.


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23. Operations manager


National average salary: $70,802 per year


Primary duties: An operations manager creates hiring procedures and training benchmarks for new employees. They examine company processes to improve the performance and the quality of work from employees.


24. Lawyer


National Average Salary: $74,411 per year


Primary duties: A lawyer consults individuals and companies through the legal process. They collaborate with a paralegal to obtain information pertinent to their case and serve as legal representation during trials and other legal proceedings.


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25. Software developer


National average salary: $93,003 per year


Primary duties: Software developers generate applications to assist users with tasks. Developers may build software for users to accomplish tasks like tracking the performance of marketing campaigns or playing a game on their computer. They make modifications to preexisting software and send reports to their manager about its progress.



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