Edo State TESCOM past questions and answers PDF download it here

edo state tescom past questions and answers


Edo State TESCOM past questions and answers PDF download it here

Are you looking/searching for Edo State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers?

If your answer is yes to this question then, we got you covered. As earlier stated we will help you with information on Edo State TESCOM past questions and answers.

We recognize your interest in purchasing the Edo State Teaching Service Commission recruitment past questions and answers.

The Acquisition of these past questions and answers will go a long way to improve your preparedness for the forthcoming recruitment interview


This PDF is a compilation of the Edo State TESCOM recruitment past questions and answers.

These past questions and answers have been organized to guide candidates who are sitting for the Edo State TESCOM aptitude test in Nigeria.

This PDF file is a collection of the previous aptitude test questions and answers by Edo State TESCOM. This compilation is meant to give you an idea of what to expect during the test, therefore, serving as a helping tool for better preparation.

Getting this e-book is very vital because it will help you prepare well before the actual test, meanwhile, the efficient revision and study of these past questions and answers can boost your accuracy and confidence, improve your speed, and also give you a greater advantage compared to your fellow participants.



The advantages of having past questions and answers are:

  •  Understand the nature of the screening test
  • Have a clue of what areas the agency bases their questions on as well as the best way to tackle such questions.
  • Understand time management when they are in the hall for the examination with the knowledge of the time allocated for the test.
  • Repeated questions will give candidates an edge over others. It’s nothing new that the majority of the questions get repeated in the examination and we are sure this year’s screening won’t be any different.

This post provides a sample of the Edo State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers. For you to get the past questions and answers you will pay a sum of state TESCOM past questions state TESCOM past questions state TESCOM past questions ₦‎2000 then you can grab a copy of the past questions and answers.

The steps to complete and get your past questions and answers are very simple and easy.

Sample of Edo State TESCOM past questions and answers

. A man bought a television set on hire-purchase for N25,000 out of which he paid N10,000. If he is allowed to pay the balance in eight equal instalments, find the value of each instalment

A. N1250


B. N1578

C. N1875

D. N3125


2. A student bought 3 notebooks and 1 pen for N35. After misplacing these items, she again bought 2 notebooks and 2 pens, all of the same type for N30. What is the cost of a pen?


A. N5.00

B. N7.50

C. N10.00

D. N15.00



3. What fraction of women that are in managerial positions are Heads of Departments?

A. 2/11

B. 11/2

C. 2/27

D. 2/360


How to Download Edo State TESCOM past Questions and answers

To get the full past questions and answers concerning Edo State TESCOM  have to pay ₦‎2000 only (Two Thousand Naira). You can make the payment through a bank deposit or mobile transfer.

Account name: Ortyom Samuel

Account number: 3156267201

Bank name: firstbank

After payment supply us with the payment details via  09060255220 on Whatsapp provide us with the following:


  • Depositors Name.
  • Name of Past Questions you paid and requested for.
  • A valid email address which you will use in receiving past questions & answers.
  • Your phone number

You can also contact us before/after making your payment to verify.

Send the Above listed as one  message to 09060255220 on WhatsApp or SMS (message)

Once we confirm your payment, the past questions and answers will be sent to you in less than 10 Minutes

After Successfully getting your past questions and answers Drop a comment below in the  comment section telling us   how satisfied you are with our services as we are pleased to hear from you

All the best in the Edo State TESCOM interview section from all of us at www.applyportal.com.ng



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