Federal Government Jobs in Ghana 2021| over 100 opportunities

Federal Government jobs in Ghana

Federal Government Jobs in Ghana 2022| over 100 opportunities

Do you know that you can get a job With one of the following list of Jobs?

Getting the right information at the right time is very vital when looking for jobs.

For this reason we compile a list of available positions in  Ghana for qualify candidates.

Federal Government Jobs in Ghana

Below is a comprehensive list of all federal jobs application sites in Ghana. Where necessary, we have made notes to further explain.


  • Electricity Company of Ghana Limited

Website:  http://www.ecgonline.info/

  • National Petroleum Authority

Website:  http://www.npa.gov.gh/

  • Food and Drugs Authority

Website:  https://fdaghana.gov.gh/

  • Forestry Commission of Ghana

Website:  http://www.fcghana.org/

  • Ghana Civil Aviation Authority


  • Ghana Free Zones Board

Website:  http://www.gfzb.gov.gh/

  • Ghana Investment Promotion Center

Website:  http://www.gipcghana.com/

  • Ghana Library Authority


  • Ghana Mining Portal

Website:  http://www.ghana-mining.org/

  • Ghana National Fire Service



  • Ghana Police Service

Website:  http://www.ghanapolice.info/

  • Ghana Revenue Authority

Website:  http://www.gra.gov.gh/

  • Ghana Standards Authority


  • Ghana Tourism Authority

Website:  http://www.ghana.travel/

  • Minerals Commission


  • National Communication

Website:  http://www.nca.org.gh/

  • Policy Evaluation And Oversight Unit


  • Volta River Authority

Website:  http://www.vra.com/

  • National Commission On Culture

Website:  http://www.ghanaculture.gov.gh/

  • Bureau of National Investigations (BNI)

Website:  http://fic.gov.gh/#

  • Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine

Website:  http://cpmr.org.gh/

  • Community Water and Sanitation Agency

Website:  http://www.cwsa.gov.gh/

  • Council For Scientific And Industrial Research

Website:  https://www.csir.org.gh/

  • National Lottery Authority

Website:  http://www.nla.com.gh/

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority

Website:  http://www.mot.gov.gh/

  • Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO)

Website:  http://www.eoco.org.gh/

  • Energy Commission

Website:  http://www.energycom.gov.gh/

  • Environmental Protection Agency

Website:  https://www.epa.gov.gh/

  • Export Development And Agric Investment Fund (EDAIF)

The EDAIF is managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ghana. To learn more, visit the;

Website:  http://mofa.gov.gh

  • Federal Intelligence Centre

Website:  http://fic.gov.gh/

  • Forestry Commission of Ghana

Website:  http://www.fcghana.org/

  • Geological Survey Department

Handled by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources

Website:  http://www.mlnr.gov.gh/

  • Get Fund ( Ghana Education Trust Fund)

Website:  http://www.getfund.gov.gh/

  • Ghana Aids Commission

Website:  http://www.ghanaids.gov.gh/

  • Ghana Education Service

Website:  https://www.ges.gov.gh/

  • Ghana Export Promotion Authority

Website:  https://www.gepaghana.org/

  • Ghana Health Service


  • Ghana Highway Authority

Website:  http://www.highways.gov.gh/subpages.php?id=31

  • Ghana Immigration Service

Website:  http://www.ghanaimmigration.org/

  • Ghana Institute Of Languages


  • Ghana National Procurement Agency

Website:  https://www.ppaghana.org/

  • Ghana News Agency

Website:  http://www.ghananewsagency.org/

  • Ghana Police Service

Website:  http://www.police.gov.gh/

  • Ghana Pensions Authority


  • Ghana Prisons Service

Website:  http://www.ghanaprisons.gov.gh/

  • Ghana Railway Development Authority

Website:  http://www.grda.gov.gh/

  • Ghana Statistical Service


  • Ghana Maritime Authority


  • Ghana Tourism Authority

Website:  http://www.ghana.travel/

  • Grains And Legumes Development Board


  • Kofi Annan Centre Of Excellence In ICT
  • Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

Website:  http://kbth.gov.gh/index.php?id=350

  •      Legal Aid Board

Website:  http://www.legalaidghana.org/

  • Ghana Meteorological Authority

Website:  http://www.meteo.gov.gh/

  • Minerals Commission


  • Narcotic Control Board


  • National Accreditation Board

Website:  http://www.nab.gov.gh/

  • National Council For Curriculum And Assessment

Website:  https://www.ncca.ie/

  • National Board For Prof. And Tech. Exams

Website:  https://nabptex.gov.gh

  • National Development Planning Commission

Website:  http://ndpc.gov.gh/

  • National Disaster Management Organisation

Website:  http://nadmo.gov.gh/

  • National Emergency Management Authority

Website: http://nema.gov.ng/

  • National Health Insurance Authority/ Scheme

Website:  https://www.nhis.gov.ng/

  • National Identification Authority

Website:  https://www.nia.gov.gh/

  • National Insurance Commission

Website:  http://www.nicgh.org

  • National Labour Commission

Website:  http://www.melr.gov.gh/

  • National Media Commission
  • National Commission for Civic Education

Website:  http://www.nccegh.org/

  • National Population Council

Website:  https://www.popcouncil.org/careers

  • National Service Secretariat

Website:  https://nss.gov.gh/

  • National Sports Authority


  • National Vocational Training Institute

Website:  http://www.nvtighana.org/

  • National Board For Small Scale Industries (Nbssi)

Website:  http://www.nbssi.gov.gh/

  • Nurses And Midwifery Council


  • Public Procurement Authority

Website:  https://www.ppaghana.org/

  • Public Utilities Regulatory Commission

Website:  http://www.purc.com.gh/

  • Securities And Exchange Commission

Website:  https://sec.gov.gh/

  • Economic And Organized Crime Office

Website:  http://eoco.org.gh/

  • State Enterprises Commission

Website:  http://secghana.gov.gh/

  • National Road Safety Commission

Website:  http://www.mot.gov.gh/5/2/4/national-road-safety-commission

  • Council For Technical And Vocational Education And Training

Website: http://www.cotvet.gov.gh/

  • National Film And Television Institute

Website: http://www.nafti.edu.gh/

  • National Council For Tertiary Education

Website: http://ncte.edu.gh/

  • Postal And Courier Services Regulatory Commission

Website:  http://pcsrc.gov.gh/

  • Management Development And Productivity Institute

Website: http://www.melr.gov.gh/mdpi/

  • Water Resources Commission

Website: http://www.wrc-gh.org/

  • Council For Law Reporting

Address: Council For Law Reporting
P.O. Box MB 165

  • National Theatre Of Ghana

Website: http://www.nationaltheatre.gov.gh/

  • Electoral Commission

Website:  http://www.ec.gov.gh

  • Judicial Service

Website:  https://www.judicial.gov.gh/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=23&Itemid=72

  • Commission For Human Rights And Administrative Justice

Website:  https://chraj.gov.gh/

  • Fair Wages And Salaries Commission

Website:  http://www.fairwages.gov.gh

  • National Council On Persons With Disability


  • Ghana Railway Development Authority

Website:  http://www.grda.gov.gh

  • National Youth Authority

Website:  http://www.nya.gov.gh/

  • Medical And Dental Council

Website:  www.mdcghana.org

  • Pharmacy Council

Website:  www.pcghana.org

  • Ghana Veterinary Council

Website:  www.vcghana.org

  • Ghana National Commission On Small Arms

Website:  www.smallarmscommission.gov.gh

  • Centre For National Culture (Arts Centre)

Website:  www.ghanaculture.gov.gh/index1

  • Ghana Museums And Monuments Board

Website: www.ghanamuseums.org

  • Gratis Foundation

Website:  www.ghanatrade.com.gh/laws/gratis-foundation

  • Irrigation Development Authority

Website: www.e-agriculture.gov.gh

  • National Symphony Orchestra

Website:  www.nso-ghana.com/english/mainset

  • A E S L

Website:  www.aesl.com.gh

  • Students Loan Trust Fund

Website:  www.sltf.gov.gh

  • Ghana Trade Fair Company

Website:  www.tradefairgh.com


Website: www.masloc.gov.gh

  • Ghana Investment Fund For Electronic Communications

Website:  www.gifec.gov.gh

  • Ghana Road Fund Secretariat

Website:  www.mrh.gov.gh

  • Social Investment Fund

Website:  www.sifinghana.org

  • Local Government Service

Website:  www.lgs.gov.gh

  • Ghana Investment Promotion Centre


  • Internal Audit Agency

Website:  www.iaa.gov.gh

  • Public Sector Reform Secretariat

Website:  www.psrs.gov.gh

  • African Fund For Bio-Fuels Development

Website:  www.saber-abrec.org

  • National Pensions Regulatory Authority

Website:  www.npra.gov.gh

  • Fisheries Commission

Website:  www.mofad.gov.gh/agencies/fisheries-commission/division-of-fisheries-comission

  • National Peace Council

Website:  www.peacecouncil.gov.gh

  • Gaming Commission

Website:  www.gamingcommissiongh.com

  • Copyright Administration


  • National Inspectorate Board

Website:  www.inspectorateboard.org

National Insurance Commission

Website:  www.nicgh.org

  • Ghana National Commission For UNESCO

Website:  www.unescoghana.org

  • National Co-Ordination Committee For Technical And Vocational Education And Training (Nacvet)

Website:  http://www.cotvet.gov.gh/

  • Ghana Book Development Council

Website: http://www.gbdc.gov.gh/

  • St. John Ambulance Brigade

Website:  https://www.stjohninternational.org/ghana

  • Central Regional Development Commission (Cedecom)

Website:  www.cedecomgh.com

  • Gateway Secretariat

Website:  www.gatewaysec-ghn.com

  • Institute Of Local Government Studies (Ilgs)


  • Ghana Water Company Ltd.

Website:  www.gwcl.com.gh

  • Ghana Publishing Company

Website:  www.ghanapublishingcompany.com

  • The Bureau Of Ghana Languages

Website:  www.ghanalanguages.com

  • National Information Technology Agency (Nita)

Website:  www.kathhsp.org

  • Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital


  • Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

Website:  www.gbcghana.com

  • Ghana Cocoa Board

Website:  www.cocobod.gh

  • Ghana National Petroleum Corporation

Website:  www.gnpcghana.com

  • Tema Development Corporation

Website:  www.tdcghana.com

  • National Health Insurance Scheme

Website:  www.nhis.gov.gh.

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