NPower Batch C Stream 1 Stipend Payment | NASIMS Payroll 2022

NPower Batch C Stream 1 Stipend Payment | NASIMS Payroll 2021: Are you aware of NPower Batch C Stream 1 Stipend Payment? Yes, NPower Batch C Stream 1 Stipend Payment is on going. If you are one of the successful candidates, you may want to know more kindly, read to the end to fined out.

The federal government of Nigeria pays all beneficiaries of Npower a certain amount of money as stipends at the end of every month for upkeep depending on the category they fall into.



If your intent for visiting this page is to find out how you will be paid and through what method this payment will come for this month, then you are at the right place.

Make sure you carefully read and understand all the laid-out details here regarding the NPower-monthly stipends. Our team has drafted out this well-detailed article that will provide you with All the information you desire.

Npower Stipend News and Payment Date for Batch C.

The NPower has commenced their first stipend payment by paying for the month of September, October and November 2021. Beneficiaries are likely to see only September Payment as the payment is in its first phase, but be reset assured that the backlog will be fully paid in the next phase of the payment.

The least monthly stipend a beneficiary receives is N10, 000 only. The figures provided here are from the official N-power portal. Below is the Npower Salary Structure for 2021.

How to Receive NPower Stipend Payment 2021.

Getting paid for the month of September is done by the NPower Management and nothing beneficiaries can do on their part other than providing their correct account information, which include bank name, account name, account number and bank verification number (bvn).

Once you have provided the above information correctly, and your payment is still been delayed, be patient as payment will surely reach every beneficiary as payments are sent in batches and not all banks have started sending out payment.

Reasons You Have Not Received NPower Stipend Payment

There might be several reasons why you have not received your first Npower Stipend Payment, which consist of wrong bank verification number, wrong account number or selecting a wrong bank.

Npower Salary Structure 2021
Npower monthly salary for various programmes are as follows:

-N-Power Agro Programme Salary Structure: N25,000 – N30,000 monthly
-N-Power Build Programme Salary Structure: N27,000 – N30,000 monthly
-N-Power Community Education Programme Salary Structure: N10,000 – N30,000 monthly
-N-Power Creative Programme Salary Structure: N10,000 – N30,000 monthly
-N-Power Teach Programme Salary Structure: N28,000 – N30,000 monthly
-N-Power Health Programme Salary Structure: N30,000 – N40,000 monthly
-N-Power Tech (Hardware) Programme Salary Structure: N20,000 – N40,000 monthly
-N-Power Tech (Software) Programme Salary Structure: N20,000 – N40,000 monthly.

From the list above, you can see that the Npower salary structure is between N10,000 to N30,000 monthly. So depending on your qualification and the programme of your choice, you can expect any amount from N10,000 to N30,000 every monthly.

Let us know if you have any questions concerning NPower Batch C Stream 1 Stipend Payment.

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