Scooper News contents Creator | How to become a scooper content creator and earn over $200 a week

scooper news content creator how to become a scooper content creator and earn over 200 a week Scooper content creator

Scooper news content creator | How to become a scooper content creator and earn over $200 a week: Do you know you can earn money with your writing skills? Yes, scooper news content creator is looking for experienced writers like you to help create engaging content for their App.

In this article, you will come across how to be a content creator on this App and other things you need to know about like method of payment, how much an article cost, how to get approval easily, etc.

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I know you have heard of making money online. You may or may not give it a try maybe you have been skeptical about it. However, you will get to know more about making money writing for scooper as a content creator.

Scooper is an app that allows it user earn as writers when writing for them. Everyone has a story about something to tell.
In today’s world, most of the youths are football fans you can use your knowledge of football to write and earn some extra cash, this is cool. Nonetheless, football is not the only story you can write about, think of politics, business, entertaining stories, fashion, adventure, and local happenings around your society that you people will be interested in.
You can share your personal life experiences with people of different cultures and believes and still get money doing what you like.

Getting clicks on scooper is very easy to use and quick. Scooper has been the second most-used news app in Africa. Scooper sends quick notifications to its readers as soon as articles are published.

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Scooper is currently hiring content creators. You can make more than 119 dollars as Scooper Content Creator or Scooper Content partner(PGC). Your earnings have to do with the number of articles you have published.

All articles submitted and approved cost the same amount of $0.8 which is equivalent to 288 nairas. This means you can make more money publishing more approved content. People make over $200k a month.

What Article Can I Publish In Scooper? a

As earlier stated, you can create various content such as football news, entertainment, politics, fashion gossip, and others including about yourself and the immediate community. Yet, your article might get rejection but you need to persist, rewrite and resubmit again. It’s not easy as it seems but we still do it.

How Much Does One Article Worth In Scooper News?

Each published article costs $0.8, which is about ₦288 when converted into Nigerian currency.

As I already said, your earnings have to do with the number of articles you publish. Be well prepared to publish a lot of articles so that you would earn a lot.

What Are The Requirements To Become Scooper news Content creator?

  • Active phone number and email address
  • Make sure you supply the OTP you receive via SMS
  • Sample of work, it’s compulsory to provide your sample of work before you get accepted as Scooper Content Writer.

Moreover, before you start publishing for this App you need to create an account with them, submit a sample of your article which need to be original (not published on other apps or websites)
Your experience in writing will be an advantage. Scooper content creator needs experienced writers that give quality time together with delivering quality content.

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How to get your post approved on scooper news?

It’s also worth knowing scooper wouldn’t approve a post with grammatical and spelling errors. If you are finding it difficult to identify spelling errors, you can use English Tools like Grammarly.

To get your post approved instantly, you need to write an article with a Catchy headline.

The headline is very important; you need to sit down and write a good headline for a better chance of getting your post approved.

Avoid Copyright

Scooper news has a zero-tolerance for copyright, if you are caught stealing someone’s work, your earnings would be forfeited, and the account would be closed immediately.

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It’s also worth knowing scooper news doesn’t allow multiple accounts. Authors who plagiarized themselves by submitting multiple articles over and over again would get their accounts banned.

At the end of every month, scooper news would check the data of everyone’s article to decide who will stay and who will leave.

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Topics You Can Write On Scooper News

As a content partner, there are many topics you can write about. Below is the list of topics.

  • Car and motorbike reviews

V.S Compare Between everything

Retire rumors and fake news

Enders Protests

Nature disaster (stories of natural disaster happened in Africa or the world whether now or in history

Accidents (stories of accidents that happen in your area)


Career Tips

Celebrity Scandal

Celebrity deaths (Death or unsolved cases of  celebrities around the world)

Celeb Fashion and beauty

Rich people

Celebrity Biography/History


Rape Reports

Boko Haram (stories related to Boko haram terrorist)

Fraud Cases

Theft and robbery cases (Cases of theft or robbery in Africa.

Murder cases (cases of murder in Africa or around the world

Arrest (cases of arrest in Africa or around the world, especially the arrest of celebrities

Domestic violence (cases of domestic violence in Africa or around the world

Slave trade and human trafficking



Book reviews

Cultism and witchcraft

Beauty (Hairstyles, fashion styles, Ankara styles)

African recipes

Healthy food

Football Stats

Football Match Reviews

Throwback Pictures

The dark sides (dark side of the society or Nation.


Local Politics


Sakawa and yahoo stories (weird news happen in your region

Racism (cases of racism happen in Africa or around the world).

Child Marriage

Bride Price

Strange Deaths

Weird, bizarre experience

Comparison between African countries

Movie Series Review

Music Reviews

Unsolved myths

Parenting Tips

Religion Scandal

Bb Naija

Living experience (Tips for saving money).

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How To Write For Scooper News?

Head to Scooper registration link

Register an account as a writer of the PostNow app

Make sure you filled the form using your real name

Select a country and put the phone number

Then upload a writing experience

Scooper Content Creator Form

After filling in the information, wait for 6-7 hours for scooper team feedback. Don’t forget to be checking your Gmail spam folder.

How Are My Earnings Calculated On Scooper News?

Scooper news content creator earnings are calculated based on the number of articles you Publish; each published article will gain 0.8 dollars, so 0.8×number of articles×360.

Scooper news admin would contact you for your bank details.

Earnings are calculated and deposited into your bank account from 1-14 of each month.

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Things You Should Know Before Publishing An Article On Scooper News.

You must include a video in every article.

The video must not be related to the content you shared, but make sure you add the video’s title.

Each article must include 3 pictures

You are advised to write from 300-700 words

Article with one cover photo would be rejected,

You must use 3 cover pictures.


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