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Concordia University Scholarships 2022/2023 Application Portal: Concordia University, Montreal is now accepting applications from suitably qualified students into their Concordia University Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. It is a fully-funded scholarship for students.

About Concordia University Scholarships

This English-language institution is in the centre of Montreal, Canada. The academic concept at Concordia University is to complement classroom activities with practical, real-world experience.

As a result, you’ll have additional options to take part in research, athletics, professional networking, and other activities while studying at Concordia University. This article discusses Concord University’s tuition, living expenses, and scholarships available to help you fund your degree program.

Concordia University has 48,000 students who attend Concordia’s four faculties to pursue their educational and research goals. Arts and Sciences, Fine Arts, Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science, and John Molson Business School are the four faculties.

Concordia University Scholarships Tuition

Concordia University’s tuition is reasonably priced for citizens and permanent residents, but it may be prohibitively expensive for international students.

Citizens’ and Permanent residents’ tuition is further divided between Quebec residents and Out-of-province residents by CU. Meanwhile, the people of France and Belgium make up the Out-of-province population.

Concordia University Programs and Courses

Concordia University offers several programs which you can choose from which best suits you. These programs include;

1. Undergraduate Studies

2. Graduate Studies

3. eConcordia

4. Continuing education ( Non-credit courses)

Undergraduate Studies

Through their vast list of courses offered at the undergraduate level, you can get a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Administration, Commerce, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, and Science.

You can even get a certificate for any of the courses you choose to take at the undergraduate level.

Graduate Studies

You can get a Doctorate, Master’s, Diploma and Certificate degree in the graduate program at Concordia University.


eConcordia program is the university’s online learning program. If you are a working student, this can be a suitable option for you.

Continuing Education

The Concordia Continuing Education offers a wide variety of courses taught by industry professionals for both individuals and organizations.

The courses under this program are also non-credit courses.


How to Apply

Undergraduate Admissions

If you are applying to Concordia as an undergraduate, the admission process is really easy. Below are the steps to take before applying to Concordia University.

1. Choose a program

2. Review the requirements

3. Apply

4. Post application processes

5. Preparing for the first year.

Graduate Admissions

If you are applying to Concordia as a graduate, the admission process is really easy. Below are the steps to take before applying to Concordia University.

1. Choose a program

2. Review the requirements

3. Find a Supervisor

4. Apply

5. Post application process.

However, the school provides an amazing array of scholarships that covers all levels of study and all programs. By getting accepted into the university, you’re fit for a scholarship.


Application Deadline

January 12th 2022.

Let us know if you have any questions about Concordia University Scholarships that are not answered in the comment section below.

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