Apply Dataquest’s Covid-19 Financial Aid Scholarship!

Comp 1 Apply Dataquest’s Covid-19

How Apply to Dataquest’s Covid-19 Financial Aid Scholarship!

We  provide you with the most up to date information concerning recruitment in Nigeria and the World at large. Here we will give more on how to apply dataquest’s Covid-19 financial aid scholarship.

This opportunity is open to all interested applicant that have the technical knowledge in programming but lack the financial muscle to channel their knowledge and Break through in the world of technology.

the main purpose of the article is inform you of ongoing financial aid from dataquest and also reveal the requirements requirements, how to apply. Closing date, etc.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply, but we ask two things: that you have a genuine need and that you complete at least one mission on Dataquest before April 17.

More on need: we recognize this is subjective, and it’s not easy for us to assess. We ask you to please be honest. We can only give out a limited number of subscriptions, so if you can afford a Dataquest subscription but you apply anyway, you might be taking a spot away from someone who really needs it.

More on the mission completion requirement: You may fill out and send your application before completing a mission, but you must complete at least one mission on the platform prior to that date (UTC time zone) for your application to be considered.

The reason for the mission requirement is that we want to be sure these scholarships go to people who will use them. You can sign up for a free Dataquest account here and then choose any of the numerous free missions available to complete.

If you already have a Dataquest account and have completed a mission, you’re all set — just make sure that you apply using the same email account you use for Dataquest.

Other recommended recruitment links

Note that you may apply for this scholarship even if you have previously received a scholarship from Dataquest.

What You Get

This 2020 scholarship will work a bit differently from previous iterations. Successful applicants will receive three months of free Dataquest Basic access, which includes access to all of our Data Analyst in Python and Data Analyst in R paths.

Applicants who complete at least one course in the first three months will get an extension with three more months of free access. The most active learners (based on community participation and course completion) will receive an upgrade to Premium access.

Here’s how it works:

  • All successful applicants receive three months of free Basic access.
  • All applicants who complete at least one course in the first three months will receive an additional three months of free access.
  • A small number of applicants who have completed quite a few courses and who’ve been active in the community will receive 3 months of Premium access

(If you’re not clear on exactly what a “course” means in this context, the Dataquest Basics section of this article should clear it up).

How Do I Apply?

All you need to do is fill out and submit this application form before April 17, 2020 (UTC timezone).

To continue with the application kindly visit dataquest financial aid scholarship 

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