Approved NYIF Business Plan Sample & Template

NYIF Loan Registration

Approved NYIF Business Plan Sample & Template: Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) is giving loans to applicants who have well planned business idea. You can be one of them. Read this piece of article to know how to go about it.

Are you aware of NYIF loan? Do you want to get the loan? Do you have a business plan? This article will provide information on application form and more.

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But, you can not just apply and expect your application to approve, you must have an appealing business plan that will convince others that you are really going to make a success. Yet, if you are not sure of which business idea is good for you, we provide a sample of well organised business idea here.

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Nontheless, you can still drop a comment in the comment section if you are still not sure of business ideas.

All the applicants of Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) are required to upload a well written business plan to NYIF portal. Your business plan will determine if you will be given the loan. Here we will show you how to write NYIF business plan, template and sample to help you write good NYIF business plan.

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NYIF Business Plan Sample

When writing a business plan, ensure you know your audience. In this case, government is your audience because they are the one you are submitting the business plan to. Check out List of Federal Government Free-Interest Loans (See how to apply)

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We can help you write your NYIF business plan at the cost of #5000, but why paying us since you can do it yourself. But if you still want our service, contact us or keep reading to see how to write it yourself.

If you are writing a business plan to complete your NYIF applications, or to apply for other loan opportunities, to ensure your idea work out, your business plan must cover six (6) important topics listed below:

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Executive Summary
Company and management Summary
Financial plan

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Approved NYIF Business Plan Sample & Template

1. Business Idea
Under this section, state your business Idea. Tell if it is a product or a service. Explain What makes your idea unique/different. And how your products/services will stand out from the competitionb and why will people want to buy your product or ask for your service.

2. Business Name
State clearly your business name, ensure it’s unique, memorable and easy to pronounce.

3. Target Market and Demography
Here you will tell who your customers are. Are they kids, teenagers, men or women? Where do your customers live?

4. Marketing Strategy
How do you intend to reach out to your target market, online, adverts, posters, Newspaper, email etc. Where will you sell your products/services?

5. Pricing
Specify how much you will sell your products/Service. And what are your competitors charging?

6. Profit
How much do you expect to make as profit on each sale that is made? What you will do with the money you make, re-invest or spend it.

Lastly, you have to know that in every business promotion and advertisement is the best way to archive success being it online and offline. For this reason, it’s good to consider a way to promote your business. This may include paid advertisement or telling family and friends about it in conversations.

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The NYIF Business Plan Sample
Kindly check back to this page as we are still preparing the SAMPLE. It will soon be ready, Once it’s ready, the sample would be uploaded here.

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