Bauchi State TESCOM past questions and answers pdf download it now

Bauchi State TESCOM past questions and answers pdf download it now

Bauchi State TESCOM past questions and answers pdf download it now: This post will bring you past questions and answers for Bauchi State tescom recruitment. Try to get a copy if have participated in the recruitment process and want to get the job.

Mostly, bauchi state repeats it TESCOM past questions download and practice the past questions and answers, masters it, and waits for the interview, and Congratulatory message.

if you don’t pass the TESCOM recruitment test, your hope of joining Bauchi State’s teaching service is as good as gone.

Are you looking/searching for Bauchi State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers?

If your answer is yes to this question then we got you covered. As earlier stated will help you with information on Bauchi State teaching service commission past questions and answers.

The Bauchi State Past Questions and Answers are available and provided to you on this page. The  Bauchi State Teachers Past Questions and Answers prepare you to be 10 steps ahead of the upcoming, interview and screening exercise in Bauchi State TESCOM.

This post provides a sample of the Bauchi State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers. For you to get the past questions and answers you will pay a sum of ₦‎2000 then you can grab a copy of the past questions and answers.


Sample Questions For The Bauchi State TESCOM Past Questions

1. _____encompasses the ability to apply
specialised knowledge or expertise.
A. Mental skills
B. Conceptual skills
C. Technical skills
D. Psychological skills
E. Analytical skills

2. Nigeria joined the O.P.E.C. community in______ .
A. 1977
B. 1981
C. 1967
D. 1971

3. In_____ , the first Aeroplane in Nigeria
landed in Kano State.
A. 1925
B. 1937
C. 1961
D. 1955

4. In February 2013,_____ awarded the
Minister, the 2012 Champion Man of the year.

A. Guardian Newspaper
B. Champion Newspaper
C. Champion Magazine
D. Silverbird Group

5. Heathrow Airport is a based airport.
A. London
B. Paris
C. Germany
D. China

6. Which of the following airlines operating in Nigeria is
not a domestic airline?
A. ADC Airline
B. KLM Airline
C. Chanchangi Airline
D. Sosoliso Airline

To get the full past questions and answers concerning Bauchi State TESCOM  have to pay ₦‎2000 only (TWO Thousand Five Hundred Naira). You can make the payment through a bank deposit or mobile transfer.

Account name: Ortyom Samuel

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After payment supply us with the payment details via  09060255220 on Whatsapp

  • Depositors Name.
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  • Your phone number

You can also contact us before/after making your payment to verify.

Send the Above listed as one  message to 09060255220 on WhatsApp or SMS (message)

Once we confirm your payment, the past questions and answers will be sent to you in less than 10 Minutes

After Successfully getting your past questions and answers Drop a comment below in the  comment section telling us   how satisfied you are with our services as we are pleased to hear from you

All the best in Bauchi State TESCOM   interview section from all of us at


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