Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program

What is the Covid-19 ‘Rapid Response Register’ (RRR) project all about?

The Rapid Response Register is an intervention by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program: Smart Global Opportunities, Disaster Management and Social Development, centered on urban and semi-urban areas that are economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The target group will include the urban poor and vulnerable population not yet supported through the existing National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP), non-traditional poor in urban and peri-urban high-density locations and/or slums impacted by COVID-19. Also, those low-income earners involved in the informal sector who may have lost their income opportunities will be eligible for registration into the Rapid Response Register.

Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program: Smart Global Opportunities,

How many people will the Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Program Hold?

At the very least, one million households total of million across 36 states and the FCT will be targeted & enrolled through this new COVID-19 Special Rapid Registry of beneficiary with a focus in urban and semi-urban areas.

Do I automatically qualify for the intervention if my community has been identified & I apply?

No! To qualify for the government’s intervention each individual/household head must have passed validation checks that establish the pandemic’s impact on their means of sustenance.

Can I still apply if I am already benefitting from or enlisted in other interventions under the NASSP (like National Social Register or  @HUPcct?

Only those who are yet to be documented in other NASSP databases are eligible for enlistment in the Covid-19 Rapid Response Register.

Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer : Smart Global Opportunities for Nigerians



RRR breakdown for Beneficiaries nationwide:

All states are allocated slots for the RRR cash transfer project based on figures from the National Living Standard Survey.

Application for the Rapid Response Register for COVID-19 Cash Transfer program to commence soon.

Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program

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Federal Government of Nigeria’s (FGN) larger growth and social inclusion strategies aimed at addressing key social concerns in the country.

It is a component of National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP) which is supported by the World Bank, to provide financial support to targeted poor and vulnerable Nigerian households.

The programme is focused on responding to deficiencies in capacity and lack of investment in human capital, especially amongst our poorest citizens. Beneficiaries of the programme are mined from the National Social Register (NSR), comprising State Social Registers (SR) of poor and vulnerable households. The SRs are being developed with the training, supervision and guidance from the National Social Safety Nets Coordinating Office in Abuja.

Conditional Cash Transfers

The Conditional Cash Transfer supports the poor and vulnerable with N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) per month, to improve consumption, with the aim of reducing poverty, preventing the vulnerable households from falling further down the poverty line and building their resilience to withstand shocks.

Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program: Smart Global Opportunities for Nigerians

Capacity Building

One of the major benefits of the programme besides the monthly N5,000 is capacity building. Capacity are built at all tiers to enhance empowerment of beneficiaries’ household to be self-reliant

The training is carried out at three tiers; officers at the state level and local government level are trained who in turn cascade the training to the beneficiaries in their communities.

Beneficiaries are trained on Life Skills (LS) and Savings Group Mobilization and Micro Business Development (SGMB). The training on SGMB is targeted at enabling the beneficiaries to save, form economic groups, make financial plans and engage in viable business activities within their communities in order to strengthen their livelihood activities by contributing their share to the state and national economy.

The life skill (SL) training on the other hand helps the beneficiaries to develop social and interpersonal skills that will enable them to cope with every day challenges of life by building and enhancing self-confidence and awareness.

Weekly visit to beneficiaries for coaching and mentoring to ensure learning from training received are put to use and to hand hold beneficiaries through the process of savings group formation and management of livelihood activities.

Federal Government Covid-19 Rapid Response Register (RRR) Cash Transfer Program: Smart Global Opportunities for Nigerians

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