MAUTECH Postgraduate Admission List 2023/2024 Academic Session – How To Check

MAUTECH Postgraduate Admission List 2023/2024 Academic Session – How To Check

This is to inform all graduate who wish to apply for Postgraduate School that MAU formerly known as MAUTECH Postgraduate Admission Form is now available for application and registration. If you got the general Eligibility and requirements please do well to proceed with the registration. But before you apply ensure you go through this update so as to be sure you are qualified to apply. Application Deadline is six weeks from the date of Publication

Also, note that if you are qualified ensure you finish up the registration for MAUTECH Postgraduate Admission Form that the application deadline is also updated as well as the screening date. Do well to go through the process as seen in in this update.

How to Apply for MAUTECH Postgraduate Admission Form

MAUTECH Postgraduate Admission Form Requirements & Duration

General Eligibility

Postgraduate Diploma

  • Graduates of MAUTECH or any other recognized University with at least a Third-Class Degree in relevant disciplines.
  • Holders of the Higher National Diploma (HND) with at least a Lower
  • Credit (CGPA of 3.50 on a 5-point scale) pass in relevant Discipline.
  • Holders of other professional qualifications which may be acceptable to the Board of the School of Postgraduate Studies and Senate of the University.
  • In special cases candidates, maybe admitted after passing such tests, examinations. etc., as may be prescribed by a Department/School.

Master’s Degree

  • Holders of first Degree of MAU with at least a Second Class Honours in relevant subjects.
  • Holders of equivalent qualifications from other recognized Universities
  • A Candidate with a third class honours degree or HND with Lower Credit (CGPA of 3.50 on a 5-point scale) maybe eligible if either:
  • He/She has good relevant Postgraduate Diploma with Lower Credit (CGPA of 3.50 on a 5-point style),
  • He/She passes any prescribed qualifying examination for admission.

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Candidates who hold a Master’s Degree of MAU with CGPA of 3.50 (on a 5-point scale) or 60% and above
  • Candidates with equivalent qualifications from other recognized Universities.


  • Postgraduate Diploma Programme by Course Work and Project Report › Full-Time: 2 Semesters 12 Calendar Months
  • Master’s Degree Programme by Course Work and Thesis or Project Report for MBA and MPA.

Full-Time Master’s Degree

  • Minimum duration: 3 Semesters or 18 Calendar Months
  • Maximum duration: 6 Semesters or 36 Calendar Months
  • Ph.D. Programme by Course Work and Thesis.
  • Minimum Duration: 6 Semesters or 36 Calendar Months
  • Maximum duration: 10 Semesters or 60 calendar months


MAUTECH Postgraduate Courses


Department of Agric. Economics & Extension

a. PGD Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension & Rural Sociology respectively
b. M.Sc. Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension & Rural Sociology respectively
c. Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension & Rural Sociology respectively
Department of Animal Science
a. PGD Animal Production and Management.
b. M.Sc. Animal Science (options in Nutrition and Biochemistry)
c. Ph.D. Animal Science (options in Nutrition, Biochemistry, Production and Management)

Department of Crop Production and Horticulture

a. PGD Postharvest Physiology and Storage Technology
b. M.Tech Agronomy, Crop Breeding, Postharvest Physiology and Storage Technology respectively
c. Ph.D. Agronomy. Crop Breeding, Postharvest Physiology and Storage Technology respectively

Department of Crop Protection

a. PGD Crop Protection
b. M.Tech Crop Protection
c. Ph.D. Crop Protection with options in Nematology, Bacteriology, Mycology, and Entomology

Department of Fisheries

a. PGD Fisheries Technology
b. M.Tech, Fisheries Management and Aquaculture, Ph.D. Fisheries Management and Aquaculture in Fish Nutrition, Fish Breeding and Genetics, Aquatic Toxicology, Environmental Pollution, Processing and Preservation, Fisheries Management, Fish Biology, Fish Pathology, and Pathobiology.

Department of Food Science and Technology
a. M. Tech.Food Science and Technology
Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management
a. PGD Forestry Technology, Wildlife Conservation, and Management
b. M.Tech Ecosystems Management (Options in Forest Biology and Ecology. Wildlife Conservation and Management)
c. M.Tech Forest Products Management and Utilization (Options in Forest Resource Management and Forest Economics and Policy)

d. Ph.D. Ecosystems Management (Options in Forest Biology and Ecology, Wildlife Conservation and Management)
e. Ph.D. Forest Resources Management and Utilization (Options in Forest Resource Management and Forest Economics and Policy)

Department of Soil Science

a. PGD in Soil Management and Land Use Planning
b. M.Tech Soil Science
c. Ph.D. Soil Science

Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

a. M.Eng Farm Power and Machinery, Soil and Water Engineering, M.Eng Environmental Engineering
b. Ph.D. Agricultural and Environmental Engineering with options in Farm Power & Machinery, Soil and Water Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering
a. M.Eng. Chemical Engineering (Option in Biochemical, Environmental. Polymer, Ceramic, Process, Reaction and Catalysis Engineering)
b. Ph.D Chemical Engineering (Option in Biochemical, Environmental, Polymer, Ceramic, Process, Reaction and Catalysis Engineering).

Department of Electrical Engineering
a. M.Eng Electrical Engineering (Electronics &Telecom.), Electrical Engineering (Control & Instrumentation), Electrical Engineering (Power & Machines) respectively

Department of Mechanical Engineering
a. M.Eng Production Engineering
b. Ph.D. Production Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering respectively.

Department of Architecture
a. M. Tech. Architecture
Department of Geography
a. M.Sc. Geography, Environmental Management respectively
b. Ph.D. Geography with specialization in Climatology, Geomorphology, Hydrology and Water Resources, Transportation, Population, Rural Geography, Soils and Biogeography, Remote Sensing and GIS Application.
c. Ph.D. Environmental Management
Department of Surveying & Geo-lnformatics
a. PGD Surveying & Gen-informatics
b. M.Tech. Surveying & Geo-informatics
c. Ph.D. Surveying & Geo-informatics

Department of Urban and Regional planning
a. PGD Urban and Regional Planning
b. MURP in Urban and Regional Planning
c. Ph.D. Urban and Regional Planning

Department of Information Technology
a. PGD Information Management Technology
b. M.Tech Information Management Technology
c. M.A. English for Specific Purpose
d. Ph.D. English for Specific Purpose

Department of Management Technology
a. Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM),
b. M.Sc. Management.
c. M.Sc. Banking and Finance.
d. Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance (PGDBF).
e. Masters in Business Administration (MBA).
f. Masters in Public Administration (MPA).

Department of Biochemistry
a. M.Tech General Biochemistry
b. Ph.D. Toxicology Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, Medical Biochemistry respectively

Department of Microbiology
a. M.Tech. Medical Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology and Food Microbiology.
b Ph.D. Medical Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology. Environmental Microbiology and Food Microbiology.

Department of Plant Sciences
a. M.Tech. Plant Pathology, Cytogenetics, and Plant Breeding respectively
b. Ph.D. Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology respectively

Department of Zoology
a. M.Tech Applied Entomology and Parasitology, Ecology and Environmental Biology Applied Hydrobiology and Fisheries respectively
b. Ph.D. Applied Entomology and Parasitology, Applied Hydrobiology and Fisheries, Public Health Parasitology respectively

Department of Chemistry
a M.Tech Analytical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Organic Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry respectively.
b. Ph.D Analytical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry respectively.

Department of Geology
a. M.Sc. Economic Geology and Mineral Exploration, M.Sc. Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Sedimentology/Petroleum Geology, Paleontology/Stratigraphy respectively
b. Ph.D. Economic Geology and Mineral Exploration, Sedimentology/Petroleum Geology, Stratigraphy respectively
Department of Mathematics
a. PG.D Mathematics
b. M.Sc. Mathematics
c. Ph.D. Mathematics
Department of Physics
a. M.Tech. Radiation and Health Physics, Energy Physics, Solid State Physics, Geophysics, Physics respectively
b. Ph.D. Programmes with options in Solid State Physics, Energy Physics, Radiation and Health Physics, Geophysics and Physics respectively.
Department of Computer Science
a. M. Tech. Computer Science
b. Ph.D. Computer Science

Department of Statistics/Operations Research
a. M Sc. Operations Research
b. Ph.D. Operations Research
c. M.Sc. Statistics
d Ph.D. Statistics

Department of Electrical Technology Education
a. M.Tech. Ed. Electrical technology, Electronics Technology
b. Ph.D. Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology respectively

Department of Life Science Education
a. PGD Education
b. M.Tech Ed Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Psychology respectively
c. Ph.D, Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Psychology respectively
d. M.Tech Ed. in Biology and Geography
e. Ph.D. Biology and Geography Education

Department of Physical Science Education
a. M.Tech Ed. in Chemistry, Physics. Statistics, Computer and Mathematics
b. M.Ed. Educational Management
c. Ph.D. Chemistry, Physics. Statistics, Computer, and Mathematics Education
d. Ph.D. Educational Management

Department of Technology Education
a. PGDTE Technology Education
b. M. Tech. Ed. Wood Technology, Construction Technology.
c. M.Tech. Ed. Mechanical (Automobile) Technology
d. M.Tech Ed. Mechanical (Production) Technology
e. Ph.D. Automobile Technology Education
f. Ph.D. Mechanical Production Technology Education
g. Ph.D. Construction Technology Education
h. Ph.D. Woodwork Technology Education

Department of Vocational Education
a. M.Tech. Agricultural Technology Education
b. Ph.D. Agricultural Technology Education
Department of Peace and Security Studies
a. PGD Peace and Development Studies.
b. M.A. Security Studies
c. M.A. Peace and Conflict Studies
d. Ph.D. Peace and Conflict Studies

How to Apply for MAUTECH Postgraduate Admission Form

  1. Log-on to “
    Select “Online Application” and the online displayed for completion.
  2. Input Personal Data with a valid email address where your login details would be sent.
  3. Select the Program Choices with mode of admission. Select also the preferred first and second choice of Program of study available and submit.
  4. Login to the supplied email address and search for the mail titled “MODIBBO ADAMA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION LOGIN DETAILS” and open to see the generated login username & password to continue the application process.
  5. Login into the application portal to make payment for the Online
  6. Application using the above login details from the link homepage.
  7. To always navigate back to the APPLICATION DASHBOARD from any of the application environment, click on the “Application” tab on the left pane window.
  8. After successfully login, click on “Payment” icon to view the session and amount to be paid for the online admission application form.
  9. Select “proceed”, and the system routes you to the REMITA payment gateway with the amount required for payment and with the “payer details”.
  10. Confirm and make sure the payer details are yours, otherwise close the page and discontinue the payment process, logout again.
  11. Once the payer details are confirmed (correct names and email address),
  12. click on “Proceed with payment” and select the payment choice (payment with card, pay at bank or USSD, etc.).
  13. Once payment process is successful, you are return back to the portal and required to “complete your biodata”.
  14. Click on Update Biodata and provide the necessary information and uploading a valid passport photograph.

NOTE: Compulsory information are asterisk * in RED.

Next step on MAUTECH Postgraduate Admission Form

  • Once all necessary information on the bio provided, click on “Next” at the lower part of the right hand side of the page to proceed. The system requires that you to start with the HIGHEST educational qualification and in the case of more than one, to add click on “Add more Institution” for other qualifications.
  • Click on “Next” to proceed.
    The next page requires that ALL Post Primary Education records are provided and inputted correctly. Also, update your subjects and grades. In cases of more than one sitting, select “add another sitting” to update the records. Click on “save”, when done.
  • The system alerts you to confirm all the supplied details before submitting. Where there is need for review, use the “Edit” button for each of the sections.
  • Click on “Submit” once all supplied details are confirmed. A popup tab warns that once submitted you could no longer edit.
  • Once submission is done, a new tab loads namely, “Assign Referee”. Click on Assign Referee to input the details of the designated referees for the application into the provided sections.
  • Kindly inform the referee(s) ahead to get their consent and their valid email addresses and inform them to expect the referee form for completion.
  • Click on submit once you are done assigning the referees.
    Another tab “Upload Document” loads once the referee assignment is completed.
  • Click on upload documents to browse to where all the required documents are scanned and saved to upload accordingly.

Note that some of the required documents are either in .pdf or .jpeg format and should not be above the stated upload size


Proceeding on MAUTECH Postgraduate Admission Form

  • Click on submit when all required documents are uploaded. After submission, you can also edit and download to view uploaded files.
  • Click on Application on the left panel
    Online Application Dashboard. A new tab “Generate Transcript Request Form” already loaded allows the applicant generates form required to request a Transcript from their former Institution/School. Click on the “Transcript Request Form”, and input all necessary required details and when completed click on “SUBMIT” or “RESET”.
  • Click on “Generate PDF” to generate the Transcript Request Form for printing and onwards submission to the last institution of graduation for onward transmission of your transcript.
  • The last tab that loads is the “Application Status” and this tab summarize all the inputted information, uploaded documents and status of the referee’s response.
  • The final application status is also reflected here when admission is given or otherwise.
  • Click on “Logout” on the left-hand panel to sign the application environment.

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