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NPower Test Timetable batch C 2022 | Npower Test 2022 Login –  next is the npower test. Npower assessment test schedule 2022 is now out. See Npower aptitude test date 2022 and when the examination will commence.

The N-Power selection will be done in phases nationwide. During which the assessment test which comprises ouantitative Reasoning, General Knowledge a,other questions testing basic knowledge of English will be conducted.

What is Npower Test?

N-power test is an online screening organized by N-power Nigeria for intending Npower beneficiaries. The test helps npower to pick smart and qualified applicants for npower jobs.

Beneficiaries that pass the test will be shortlisted for the next stage of npower recruitment. It is important to note that N-POWER test is free of charge.

Please note that the questions will depend on the program you applied for.

If you have not been shortlisted for nNpowerbatch c recruitment, then you Will not be able to log in to the portal to update your information.

N/B: The N-Power Online Tests can be taken using a smartphone, tablet, laptop ,or desktop computer provided that these devices have an internet connection.

How to Write N-power Assessment Test

Once you receive an SMS to write your test, follow the steps below.
1. You will receive an SMS to write the assessment tests because your BVN records match your application.
2. Proceed to the website 
3. Click on Test Menu
4. Login with your phone number and BVN

N-power New Assessment Timetable

The tests will be online. Only applicants whose BVN records match their applications will write the assessment test.

The tests will be written at So once you get your text, proceed to the n-power website and click on the ‘Test Menu’. Login with your Phone Number and BVN to start the test.

The Npower Application portal is still open. Only candidates who received text messages will be able to write the exam.

Below is a sample of the SMS sent to candidates for the Npower test:

For those yet to apply for the N-Power Programme, click on the link below to apply: Federal Government N-Power Massive Nationwide Recruitment 2022.

What is Npower Test?

N-power test is an online screening organized by N-power Nigeria for intending NN-powerbeneficiaries. The test helps Npower to pick smart and qualified applicants for Npower jobs.

Beneficiaries that pass the test will be shortlisted for the next stage of Npower recruitment. It is important to note that the N-POWER test is free of charge.

NPower Update

Currently, N-Power has not announced the start date for N-power registration. It is expected that the new N-power program registration portal will open before April 2022

N-Power addresses the challenge of the youth state by providing a structure for giant scale and relevant work skills acquisition and development whereas linking its core and outcomes to fixing inadequate public services and stimulating the larger economy.

Moreover, N-Power is additionally connected to the Federal Government’s policies within the economic, employment ,and social development arenas.

National Social Investment Programme

The Federal Government of Nigeria established the National Social Investments Programmes (NSIP) in 2016, to tackle poverty and hunger across the country.

The suite of pprogramsunder the NSIP focuses on ensuring a more equitable distribution of resources to vulnerable populations, including children, youth ,and women.

Since 2016, these programs combined have supported more than 4 million beneficiaries country-wide through a fair and transparent process supported by the Ministry of Budget and National Planning (MBNP) and other notable MDAs with aligned goals.

Some Top Programmes in Npower

The Programmes are as follows;

The N-power pprogramis designed to assist young Nigerians between the ages of 18 to 35 to acquire and develop life-long skills for becoming change-makers in their communities and players in the domestic and global markets and given a stipend of N30,000 monthly.

The Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) pprogramdirectly supports those within the lowest poverty bracket by improving nutrition, increasing household consumption.

Also by supporting the development of human capital through cash benefits to various categories of the poor and vulnerable.

The support is conditioned on fulfilling soft and hard co-responsibilities that enable recipients to improve their standard of living.

Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) is a micro-lending intervention that targets traders, artisans, enterprising youth, farmers ,and women in particular, by providing loans between 10,000 and 100,000 at no monthly cost to beneficiaries.

The HomeGrown School Feeding Programme (HGSF) aims to deliver school feeding to young children with a specific focus on increasing school enrollment, reducing the incidence of malnutrition.

Empowering community women as cooks and by supporting small farmers that help stimulate economic growth.

How to be Successful in Npower Recruitment

To be successful in the N-Power recruitment you have to complete the eight stages slated by the 2022 N-Power Board. They are;

  1. Application (your online application)
  2. BVN Validation –
  3. Test
  4. Device selection
  5. Pre-selection
  6. Physical Verification
  7. Selection
  8. Deployment

What to know about the NPower Assessment Test

1. First, the N-Power selection process hold in phases all over Nigeria.

2. The assessment test includes Quantitative & Verbal Reasoning, Lateral Thinking, Numerical Analysis, General Knowledge ,and other questions testing basic knowledge of English.

3. An applicant must also keep in mind that the questions will depend on the program he/she applied for.

4. You can seat for the N-Power Online Tests using a smartphone, tablet, laptop ,or desktop computer, provided that these devices are connected to the internet.

5. Applicants usually get two chances to attempt and pass the test, so that even if they fail the first time, they get a second opportunity to succeed.

6. Any applicant who has successfully applied for the N-Power with valid BVN should patiently wait and keep alert for information on when the test would be scheduled.

Important Update about Npower List and NPower Test Timetable batch c 


All information about Npower will be updated ionthis website; the meantime the Mgt is working on getting everything ready.

Our attention has been drawn to false and fraudulent reports circulating especially in Social Media that there are equally false reports and claims about an unauthorized request for the vital personal information of beneficiaries such as BVN, Account Number, among others not known to the Presidency or any arm of the Federal Government.

Beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries of the NPower Volunteer Corps should ignore such reports emanating from fake sources and outlets and only relate with bonafide presidency and FG sources and web portals (,

For the avoidance of doubt, legitimate communication about the NPower is done through [email protected] or the relevant Focal Persons appointed by each of the 36 States and the FCT.

Any information that does not emanate from these identified sources or directly from the Presidency should be simple and you outright dismissed

The date commencement of the next batch of volunteers for the N-Power program will be announced on and

NPower Test Timetable batch Phones and Email Contacts for N-Power Federal Scheme for 2022

For questions or inquiries, kindly reach out to the phones and email contacts for N-power representatives

MTN – 09060000445, 09060000446, 09060000447, 09060000448, 09060000449, 09060000450, 09060000451, 09060000452, 09060000453, 09060000454.
GLO – 09055555960, 09055555961, 09055555962, 09055555963, 09055555964, 09055555965.
ETISALAT – 09099998401, 09099998402, 09099998403.
Email Address[email protected]

If you have any questions that are not answered NPower Test Timetable in this article, kindly drop them in the comment section below

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